Lash extensions, sans sugarcoat: (pt. 1 – How to avoid becoming a cautionary tale)

If you’ve ever thought about getting lash extensions, but were too scared to try….empower yourself with knowledge by reading this post!

jess esth

I get a lot of concerned questions about lash extensions. Everyone seems to know someone who knows someone whose lashes all fell out after getting extensions, or whose eyes got glued shut, or what have you….

The popularity of lash extensions has risen significantly over the course of the past few years and licensing boards previously struggled to keep up with implementing regulations. However, the good news is that when done correctly, extensions DO NOT damage your natural lashes. As in, zero damage. None.lash extensions

When they are done correctly.

The proper way to do it is to cover the lower lashes with tape or pads designed for this purpose, separate one lash from the others with a set of tweezers, dip the extension into the glue with another pair of tweezers, and gently place the extension on the natural lash while simultaneously distributing the glue evenly over it. Finally, the…

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