Come See: Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Titus Andronicus

GSC Titus Andronicus 2014
Grassroots Shakespeare presents: Titus Andronicus!

I’ve already been in 4 plays this year, plus started a business. Most people wouldn’t be this stoked to jump into another hectic show right after the last one ended, but that wasn’t really an option for me. I never would have forgiven myself if hadn’t at least auditioned for this show. I may never get the opportunity to be in Titus Andronicus again.

Hell, I’ve never even seen the show. If Shakespeare conjures ideas of politely gesticulating, mustachioed Brits soliloquizing about love, you might want to sit this one out and stick to the ward Trunk-or-Treat. The reason being, that Titus is too gory for the general theater-going populous.

If, however, you think the The Castle Ampitheater’s spooky backdrop will set the perfect ambiance for an evening, if you like the idea of standing in the splash zone [of blood] sounds epic, and if you embrace the off-beat or irreverent you will not want to miss this.

We have 10 performances. I’ll be playing the formidable antagonist, Tamora, for 5 of the shows and a mish-mosh of some smaller parts for the other 5 (see below for more details). I am honored (and intimidated, definitely intimidated) to be sharing the part of Tamora with Jessamyn Svensson, who has been involved with Grassroots for years. She really knows her shit and she’s a top-notch performer through and through. If you care about seeing me in a bigger part, come on one of the nights I’ll be Tamora, otherwise, you’re going to see an amazing performance from Jessamyn as well.

This show has some very adult content (no nudity though…I don’t know why everyone asks that as a follow-up to ‘adult content’), so don’t bring your kids. That’s what the Grassroots Shakespeare summer tour is for. For a more comprehensive list of things to know before purchasing your tickets check out this blog post by cast member, Alex Ungerman.

Are you excited about Halloween? Because I am…

Performances: Oct 17 – Nov 1
       Oct 18, 24, 27 & Nov 11th (to see me as Tamora)
       Note that there will be 2 performances on Halloween, one @ 8 pm and one at midnight. We haven’t decided yet which one I’ll be doing and which one she will. More info to come!*

Tickets: $7 – $17 (click here for detailed pricing info and to purchase tickets online)

Location: The Castle Amphitheater, 1300 E Center St., Provo, UT 84606

*UPDATE: I’ll be doing the 8pm Halloween show and Jessamyn will be doing the midnight one!


5 thoughts on “Come See: Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Titus Andronicus

  1. Jess: I thought that I’d return the favor. My cities are nowhere as large as Provo. TA would be a push. The Summer Theatre in which I work yearly does a Shakespeare (including some histories). I’d love to try Shakes in the CT. We would have to start with R&J, Much Ado or Shrew. They turned down a Pirates of Penzance submission a few years back. You have much going on on your page. It seems to be more of a place for your friends to follow you than developing your business. Perhaps I’m on the wrong one of your blogs? PT


    1. Yes! This is my personal blog, my business blog is, but I’d say this one would imagine that this one would be of more interest to you because it’s where I talk about current theater projects (when I do them). Shakespeare is always a good choice! I think Grassroots Shakespeare is doing Much Ado this year. I’ve been meaning to send you a quick note about a couple of plays I’d love to read your analysis on :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry it took me so long, but I just hit you back on your about page :) Sorry they’re all comedies, but I think most of them have some kind of quirky or risque elements! Hope this helps!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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