Motivational speaking fail…

We’ve had a training event going on at work all week. Not a huge deal, but it’s been busier than normal. A couple of guys showed up an hour early yesterday while I was at the front desk sans sign in sheet. As I was getting their information I had this little interaction:

Guy: How’s your day going?

Me: Really great, thanks, how are you?

Guy: …but you know that if you weren’t it would be your fault?

Me: *quizzical look scanning for sarcasm*  *awkward nod* *awkwarder laugh* *pretend to be really intent on the information I was referencing on the computer*

Now, I’m not upset. I feel like I know what he was going for there. I get the feeling that he’s the type of guy who listens to Jack Canfield audiobooks on the way to work. I’m guessing he’s read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People more than once. Obviously, it was a patronizing, tactless way to say, “Good morning to you, and I hope that regardless of how your day started, you’re feeling empowered and committed to fostering an internal locus of control. You’re a fucking butterfly of capability, girl! Reach for the stars!!! [insert inspirational guitar solo]”

Granted, his phrasing was more concise, but it also gave me the impression that I might have had a leaflet entitled, “How to Get the Government to Pay for Your Powerball Tickets” stuck to my ass.


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