The nature of evil

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Rehearsing Titus against a sunset back drop.
Rehearsing Titus against a sunset back drop.

As I’ve talked about before, I’ve been participating in The Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Halloween production of Titus Andronicus. They’ve started doing a new thing where everyone in the cast writes a blog post that’s released during the rehearsal and/or run of the show. Mine was put up on the GSC blog last week and I thought it would be nice to link here as well.

We’re approaching our final weekend and it’s been a crazy ride, so if you wanted to come you still have time to get on that! Check out the GSC website for information on ticketing and such. If you want to come to a show where I’m playing Tamora, check out this  blog post.


3 thoughts on “The nature of evil

  1. I saw Shakespeare company and had to comment. I’m in prison (don’t freak out, the barbed wire protects you ^_^), and we have a Shakespeare company in here I’ve been wanting to join. How did you come to your company?


    1. That’s so cool you’ve been thinking of getting involved with your local(?) Shakespeare Company! It’s actually kind of a long, weird story how I got involved with Grassroots. I wrote a post for their blog while I was participating in their Summer tour if you want to read it here:

      Also, check out their website. Grassroots is an original practice Shakespeare company so a lot of the things we do are aimed at educating audiences in a fun way. A lot of the practices and principles we try to follow might be applicable to how you guys perform :)


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