Entrepreneurial Rabbit Holes

I made the best to-do list for today. Lately, I’ve been trying to compile them the night before so I don’t have to spend so much energy prioritizing in the morning. I have enough trouble leaving the house with my phone and clean underpants on. In spite of being tipsy and more than a little tired after hosting some good friends for dinner, as I was lying in bed last night, I made that damn list.

If you’re reading this, it’s pretty likely that A). you’re my mom (Hi, Mom! I love you!) or B). you’re a good friend brought here from your Facebook feed, so you probably already know that I am the proud mother of a growing baby business. The number of little things I need and want to do is absolutely daunting most days. I learned a lot last year from being curled up in a ball, staring at my computer screen, frantically clicking away for guidance, pinning whatever-the-hell resources I thought I might use, and skimming articles with no absorption. I learned last year that the list is king. The list is mandatory.

This morning I woke up ready to work so I hit the first thing: “Find 5 stories for Facebook feed.” I’m getting ready for a big Facebook overhaul next week and Facebook is fun, so I thought it would be the perfect item to ease into the day. Hell, I could even do it on my phone! I found a great article, copied the link and went about trying to paste it into my Google Drive spreadsheet.

I used one prolonged click to bring the “paste” option up once. Twice. Six times. For some reason it wasn’t working. I googled the issue and after reading a couple of articles I knew that it was a known bug with a couple of potential fixes: A factory reset (BOOOOOOO!!!!! HISSSSSSSS!!!!!) or rooting my phone (something I’ve been meaning to do since I bought the damn thing over a year and a half ago.

So, I decided this was the day. I needed to learn how to root my phone, like immediately, for some reason. An hour later I’ve read about 6 articles about it, bookmarked at least that amount to read later and I’m still no closer to COPYING AND PASTING ONE LINK.

I’d like to say that this is the only time I’ve done something like this, but it isn’t.

I don’t talk a ton about my business to friends (10 points if you can remember the name of it off the top of your head). One of the reasons for that is that it involves beauty services and I hate the idea of shoving outside beauty standards down the throats of the people I’m around simply because they are there. What I do has a nice little niche and there are people interested in the services I offer, but trying to get people I care about to fit into what I do feels really backward and MLM-ish to me. When it comes to putting anything of mine out there, there’s always a degree of self-consciousness as well. That’s a prominent feature of the territory when you’re inside the landscape of my mind. I don’t like to burden friends with my uncertainty. It’s no one else’s job to validate my work if I’m proud of it and I’m enjoying it.

I’m just realizing more and more that the down-side of not talking about it is that I wish I had more people to talk to about it. Making decisions by yourself means the decision gets done faster, but it would be wrong of me to think that they’re always better.  I’m really happy for the excuse The Jade Room gives me to learn and grow as a person. Feedback and constructive criticism from reputable sources are invaluable and, I feel, a really important part of that process.

All this is to say that I needed a little vent after this week. And that I’m putting out into the world that I need a mentor. Or more entrepreneurial friends. And I can’t do it today because it isn’t on the list. But I’m putting it out there. And it’s coming soon to a list near you.


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