My online dating archives (Part 3: If she doesn’t want to date me there’s only one possible reason)

I have to admit, this one is pretty bitchy. But again, the majority of these messages I’m responding to give no indication that the guy read my profile at all. And responding to between 30 and 50 messages a day in a way that was thoughtful had turned into a maddening task.

2012-05-20 OkCupid Convo

2012-05-20 OkCupid Convo

And, there we go. You look fine. I didn’t say anything about what I want my ideal guy to look like. You are a smoker though, and you can’t tell me why you think we’d be a good match based on the information given.

And those smart-ass comments you took offense to at every opportunity? That’s my sense of humor. That’s me trying to salvage the conversation to make it something that’s remotely palatable for my sensibilities. It’s what I do to make sure you’re paying attention because you can’t dial-in a meaningful conversation. If I’m going to take time to compose thoughtful responses to your messages I don’t want to be getting back the same painfully boring homogenized correspondence you’re sending out to everyone else. I’m a person. I’m a person. I gave you all the tools to see that I’m a person.

You can respond in-kind and we can joke around or you can take the fact that I didn’t react in the exact way that you envisioned as a direct insult.


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